Web Design & Development

Having a great looking, highly functional website is the absolute foundation to your companies' presence and success on the internet. With over 6 years experience building websites for the education industry, we know exactly what students are looking for.

The websites we build, or re-build promise to set you apart from your competitors. We combine the skills of our web designers, programmers and online marketers, to produce truly 'user friendly', and 'search engine friendly' sites.

Web design package
  • The ability to create and edit an unlimited amount of website pages anytime and anywhere for free using an industry leading CMS
  • Professional styling of the first 5 pages of your website copy
  • 'Search engine friendly' URL's and site structure complete with sitemap
  • A 'Contact us' page with your choice of up to 10 form fields, that will be emailed to you on submission
  • Guaranteed compatibility in all major internet browsers and screen sizes
Optional extras
Total Cost: 990 EURO