Score Card

Thank you for your interest in the score card we prepared for you.

If you got a low score (7 or less) on any of the criteria, we recommend taking some form of action immediately.

We can take this action for you, or provide you with more detailed reports on exactly what we found wrong, for your web developers to fix.

For most companies, it is easiest to contract us to help. You might want reports with more detail if:

  • You have resources in house to fix the issues highlighted;
  • You want to present the details to a company you have already contracted to manage your web design or search engine optimisation;
  • You want to benchmark what is wrong before you decide how to address the matters.

Click on any of the links below for more information and pricing.

You want more detailYou want us to fix it
Appearance and usability Customer Conversion Report Web design package
Code structure and speed Template and Sitewide Report Web design package
Search engine visibility Search Engine Rankings Report SEO Package
Some competitors who out rank you Competitive Analysis Report SEO Package

Note: We will not start an SEO package on sites with a code structure and speed score of less than 7/10.

Still confused by your scores? Contact us now and we will give you a call.