Report Request

Customer Conversion Report

What's in the Customer Conversion Report?

  • A 14 point check up on how well your website is turning visitors into customers.
  • Clear advice and suggestions on how to improve your website's conversion rate.

Why is this report important?

The design of your website plays a large part in determining how well your website converts student traffic into conversions (examples are, successful sales, leads, newsletter requests or phone calls). A website, which offers great products and services with value for money, must also be eye-catching and professional; it must establish an atmosphere of trust with its visitors, and guide them towards conversion by providing a simple and safe way for the customer to interact within it.

A Customer Conversion report reviews the current conversion strategies used on your website and identifies new opportunities for improving your conversion rates. In 90% of cases, it is faster and more cost effective to double your conversion rate, rather than double your website traffic.