FAQ's for service providers

Quality Assurance

Q What quality assurance of agencies does ICEF Online offer to educators?
A All ICEF Online agencies have been screened by ICEF GmbH. Each agency has supplied 3 or 4 educator referees, who have been contacted to positively validate their relationship with the agency.

Q How many agency applications are rejected by ICEF Online?
A To date over 30% of agency applications have been rejected.

Relationships with Agencies

Q Should I ask ICEF Online agencies to complete an official agency agreement as I do for other agencies?
A Yes, please maintain your usual agency appointment practices. ICEF Online relationships do not replace the need for standard agency agreements.

Q Is there any limit to how many agencies I can work with via ICEF Online?

A ICEF Online does not impose any limits.

Q Will other service providers be able to view my ICEF Online profile?
A Yes, however you can block them individually, as well as at a country level, via your profile settings. By default, other service providers in your country cannot see your profile.

Q Will agencies in all countries be able to view my profile and approach me?
A Yes, however you can block them individually, as well as at a country level via your profile settings.

Agency Marketing Support

Q Is there any limit to how many files I can upload for my agents to download?
A No. However, we recommend that individual documents should not exceed 2Mb in size. Otherwise agents may be reluctant to download them, as well as reluctant to email them to prospective students.

Q Can I block access to some of my files by agents I am not partnered with?
A Yes. You can select if each file is for public access or for partners only to access.


Q What are ICEF Online's general terms and conditions and privacy policy?
A Click here to view them.

Q We have 4 offices in 3 countries each with 2 marketing directors. How many ICEF Online accounts will we need?
A You will only need 1 ICEF Online account.

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