FAQ's for Agents

Relationships with educators and service providers

Q What does it mean to be "partnered" with an educator or service provider?
A It means you will have access to all "private" documents they have uploaded for access by partners only. You will also be able to order some of these resources.

Q If I am not "partnered" with an educator or service provider, will I still have access to their profile and be able to send them a message?
A Yes.

Q Will all educators, service providers and other agents be able to view my ICEF Online profile?
A Yes, however you can block them individually, as well as at a country level, via your profile settings. By default, all educators and service providers in your country can see your profile, and other agents located in your country cannot view your profile.

Q Will ICEF Online educators still ask me to complete official agency agreements as well as partnering with them via the ICEF Online platform?
A Yes, we encourage both agent and educator members to maintain their usual agency appointment practices. ICEF Online partnerships do not replace the need for standard agency agreements.

Q Is there any limit to how many educators and service providers I can work with via ICEF Online?
A ICEF Online does not impose any limits.


Q What are ICEF Online's Terms and Conditions?
A Click here to view them.

Q We have 2 Agency offices in 2 locations. How many ICEF Online accounts will we need?
A With one account you can list unlimited office locations, as well as unlimited staff profiles.

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