FAQ's for educators

Q What website will students find my profile on?
A Your institution profile will be displayed on our student portal www.HyperStudy.com.

Q How can I increase my student enquiry numbers from a particular country?

You can improve the ranking of where your institution shows in HyperStudy.com search results by increasing the quality of your enquiry page (increased quality equals increased conversion rate, which is the ratio of how many people view your enquiry page to how many people submit an enquiry); or by raising your (per) enquiry bid. Bid increases can be made on a per country basis, at any time, which puts you in complete control of your enquiry generation budget and results.

Q Why don't you charge all educators using your enquiry generation service a standard fee per enquiry?
A We let educators set their own enquiry bid amounts so they can control a) their enquiry volume b) how much they pay for enquiries from different student source countries c) whether or not that recieve enquiries via a poorly converting enquiry page (this might be the case if the programmes offered are very specialised, or the country of programme delivery is not so popular).

Q What if I only want enquiries from particular countries?

You can set 'no bid' on the source countries you do not wish to recieve enquiries from. Even if a student from one of these countries does manage to reach your enquiry page and enquire, we will not charge you.

Q How much does each enquiry cost?

A The 'minimum bid' per enquiry is 5 EURO. There is no maximum bid value.

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