About us

ICEF Online. Connect. Manage. EnrolICEF Online is a collaborative internet platform for the international education community - a marketplace for buyers and sellers of education, work, travel and related products and services.

ICEF - Online Workshop 3.0 - Connect. Manage. Enrol.

The internet platform for the international education community

Enabling over 1 280 companies in 130 countries to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Connect: Search, communicate and partner with over 1 000 ICEF screened agents via the Virtual Workshop. Use text and voice messaging to set up and conduct online multi-person meetings and agent training sessions in real time.

Manage: Provide up-to-date marketing materials such as brochures, price lists, enrolment forms, images and videos for partners to download, order and share with prospective students.

Enrol: Receive and manage student enquiries, applications and enrolments directly, or channel via your preferred partners.